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Our Story

Building on years of experience in designing infill housing, and after confronting countless barriers on a daily basis, our team has created BuildingIN to help Canadian cities get on track with housing supply, while at the same time, growing in a vibrant way that existing communities will welcome.

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We are a team of experienced residential architects, development consultants, and engineers who are the 'boots on the ground' in the middle of a housing crisis. We know what it takes to get homes built and to build them in large quantities.

We are urban planners and economists. We understand city regulations and city politics. We know how to reverse engineer regulations and investments to get the housing Canadians need. We are the pioneers of a new kind of city building, not OUT or UP, but BuildingIN. 


Our research was first motivated by our frustration - working within a housing industry heading into crisis. It was clear infill housing was part of the solution, but that cities didn't have all the tools they needed to plan for infill housing growth. So we built a simulation methodology to do just that, and in the process, we discovered that low-rise multi-unit infill has the potential to become the (repeatable) production housing that meets Canadian need for diverse housing options. We also learned that it is the answer to fiscally sustainable city growth, and for achieving world class walkable and complete communities with lower household emissions.


Over the past few years, we have refined our simulations, tested scenarios and compared outcomes: for housing supply, dwelling unit diversity, fiscal sustainability, emissions reductions and tree canopy. We have systematically reverse engineered a solution that eliminates all the barriers to successful city growth. 

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Becoming semi-finalist in Round 5 of the CMHC's Housing Supply Challenge is the opportunity our team needed to bring infill housing simulation and a new wave of city growth to municipalities across Canada. 

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