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Removing Barriers to the Housing We Need and Want

There are a lot of barriers that prevent low-rise multi-unit infill housing development from becoming a successful and scalable business opportunity. Removing barriers is easier said than done.

Regulatory barriers are challenging because, of course, regulations were created to protect life safety and quality of life. These safeguards are important. But over time the regulations and the processes of enforcing them have been fine-tuned to account for every possibility, and are now extremely complex and variable.

The BuildingIN solution is very specific, both in design and geographic extent within a city, and this makes all the difference. Regulations can be simplified to suit our specific niche — low-rise infill that works at scale.

Many barriers are not related to regulations, but to location and context, like infrastructure gaps or lack of transit. By investing in neighbourhoods, cities can overcome these barriers. But city councils can't commit to these investments without a clear funding strategy. What if we could give you a clear funding plan to pay for necessary investments? What if new housing brought future tax revenue to pay for these upgrades?

With the BuildingIN solution, investments can be targeted to qualifying areas. These investments can be funded based on simulated outcomes that demonstrate future tax revenue from added density, and create opportunities for infrastructure funding. 

BuildingIN will address barriers related to:

  • Regulations

  • Neighbourhood Upgrades

  • Parking

  • Getting Everyone On Board

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