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Helping municipalities solve the housing supply crisis.

Does your city struggle to build enough housing? 
BuildingIN can fix that with our systems-level approach to increasing multi-unit, low-rise infill in your city. 

Infill Simulation



Our Priorities

  • Simulating future low-rise infill housing — great homes fast, for a diversity of households

  • Helping municipal governments plan strategically to get more housing built

  • Meeting targets and aligning with federal government priorities on housing

  • Motivating builders and investors to build multi-unit low-rise infill 

Digital Simulation

Until now, cities have relied on limited tools that don’t effectively measure low-rise infill development. Our revolutionary simulation allows municipalities to test outcomes, make informed decisions, and plan with certainty.

Housing Supply

85% of Canadians live in low-rise housing, and the majority prefer well serviced neighbourhoods close to transit. We simulate these housing outcomes, map future densities, and 3D model to show how streets will evolve.

Emissions Reduction

Cities have a big role to play in addressing the climate crisis but emissions reductions can be expensive. We help municipalities reduce their emissions at no cost, by simulating household emissions and comparing growth scenarios for cities.​

Fiscal Sustainability

When cities build more housing, there are many new costs, including construction and operation costs of infrastructure. That’s why we help municipalities plan growth that is financially sustainable by simulating revenues and upgrade costs.

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