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Our Program

The BuildingIN Program is a structured and complete 6-month set of activities designed so that:

  • Canadian cities plan how to meet their housing targets while balancing their books

  • Developers and builders begin to respond to viable infill business models, building more housing units, faster

  • Canadians start to get the housing they need and want, where they want it

  • Communities begin the transition to become more complete and more vibrant

  • Cities begin to reduce neighbourhood emissions 

"Infill development, particularly with considerations for modular, is one of the most transformational actions we can take if we wish to meet our housing challenges and restore housing affordability for all."

Daniel Winer, Executive Officer

Canadian Home Builders’ Association Central Okanagan


​BuildingIn offers a development advisory program, with simulation, tools, and a permit-ready housing catalogue. The program is laser-focused, and puts cities in the driver’s seat. Program activities include helping cities to:


  • Identify qualifying areas that are ideal for BuildingINunderdeveloped land in older neighbourhoods where multi-unit low-rise infill can happen at scale, and where communities can become more complete to support infill housing and new residents.

  • Simulate impacts and benefits of infill housing options including BuildingIN, in order to; support evidence-based decision making for regulations and investments that impact housing supply, housing diversity, neighbourhood upgrades, fiscal sustainability, and emissions reductions.

  • Consider and test solutions to eliminate barriers to BuildingIN; regulatory overlay packages that include adaptable tools and templates, testing through simulation and housing industry engagement to ensure that outcomes will meet your city's needs.


  • Focus investment strategies to achieve complete community redevelopment and BuildingIN; engineering and public works solutions that enable speedy development, capitalize on existing capacity, and invest increasing tax dollars and other revenue streams in complimentary upgrades. 

  • Provide permit-ready drawings for BuildingIN, encouraging investment in modular, replicable housing, enabling building permits to be issued and buildings to be built faster and more efficiently.


A BuildingIN Implementation Lead will guide cities through all program activities. This will begin with an upfront assessment of barriers and opportunities to confirm that BuildingIN is a good fit for your city. Once confirmed, our Implementation Lead will work with you to organize, support, and facilitate the 6-month program.  The BuildingIN team will provide the level of support that is needed to move through program activities, taking into account the specific needs and context of your city.​


Simulated outcomes for your municipality are key to the BuildingIN Program. Our simulations will provide critical insights in a format that facilitates learning and evidence-based conversations. These can be made available online, complete with scoring against your targets.


The BuildingIN Program offers a complete implementation package. Everything that cities will need, from adaptable communication materials (slide decks, social media, on-line resources) and meeting agendas and schedules, to community and industry consultation workshops, mapping, scenario analyses, targets and scorecard graphics, and 3D modeling. ​


As the Program draws to a close in your city, the BuildingIN team will produce a complete package of materials with recommendations ready for Council approval. This will include a record of the program work, an overlay map, recommended overlay regulatory language, recommended overlay strategies for neighbourhood investments, and any recommendations for follow-up activity.


Contact us today to learn more about BuildingIN!

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