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Our Approach to BuildingIN

BuildingIN is ready to help cities tackle their housing supply challenges, transforming neighborhoods into healthy, vibrant communities. The BuildingIN approach focuses on qualifying areas, using overlay regulations to address barriers to infill rather than just blanket rezoning. BuildingIN combines this with a neighborhood investment strategy to ensure that both current and future residents have confidence that their neighbourhoods will be even better places to live.


  • Low-rise, multi-unit, modular or replicable infill housing that can be built quickly and efficiently

  • New homes in vibrant neighbourhoods that people love to live in

  • Evidence-based decision making grounded in the use of our transformative simulation methods

  • Housing to meet targets and that establish viable revenue models for cities to be fiscally sustainable

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To make older neighbourhoods better means recognizing the interdependencies between increasing housing supply, making communities more complete, reducing emissions, and balancing municipal budgets.​ When we solve these problems together, we make neighbourhoods great places to live!

Our Program and Tools for municipalities identify qualifying suitable neighbourhoods that can benefit from multi-unit low-rise infill housing that: ​

  • Align with federal government priorities,

  • Meet municipal targets,

  • Create strong business opportunities for replicable and modular home-building,

  • Add great homes where most Canadians want to live -  in walkable areas, close to shops, services and parks.

Working at the intersection of government and industry, BuildingIN will overlay simplified and refined regulations and infrastructure investments strategies, to establish a business model for low-rise missing middle housing. We will also provide developers with a catalogue of permit-ready building plans aligned with a viable business model and vision for vibrant communities.


Urban planners have traditionally forecasted housing needs that require  building up (high-rise development) or building out (greenfield development). But multi-unit low-rise infill housing has been relatively unpredictable.  BuildingIN simulates infill outcomes, so that cities can plan for low-rise infill with certainty, meet targets, and invest strategically in infrastructure that will directly stimulate and support infill housing at scale.


Our program, suite of tools, simulations, maps, 3D modeling and permit-ready housing catalogue will equip both municipal planners and housing developers to meet housing need, foster complete communities, balance municipal books, and reduce emissions. Until now, cities have relied on  limited tools that don’t effectively measure low-rise infill development. Our revolutionary simulation allows municipalities to test outcomes, make informed decisions, and plan with certainty.

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