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The Business of Development

BuildingIN has created a generational solution to address housing supply so that cities can meet their housing targets with low-rise infill that works at scale. But it's not cities that will actually build the housing - it's builders and developers. BuildingIN has been designed with this in mind, and is grounded in the business realities of the development industry.


BuildingIN begins with an understanding of the business model for development of infill housing. Without a viable, scalable business model, developers won't build the infill housing we need. Relaxed zoning alone isn't enough. We also need to address issues like parking and storm water management, which are major barriers. Developers need a business model that motivates them to invest in and build more infill housing. And in order to get construction loans, developers must demonstrate they meet the business thresholds set by banks.

factory photo.jpg

Our design team at a modular factory in Morewood, ON (Guildcrest - a division of PROFAB)

Our research shows that with the right solutions, BuildingIN can create viable business models that meet housing targets and are welcomed by communities.

BuildingIN also offers a catalogue of permit-ready infill building plans that align with proposed regulations. These plans, validated by the industry, will encourage investment in modular, repeatable housing, allowing faster and cheaper building permits and construction—key elements for scalable infill housing.

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